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Flymed Rescue Ambulance Services

Quick, Quality And Requires Disaster Helps From The Expert Doctor With FRAS : Road Ambulance / Air Ambulance Services / Ambulance Services For Events and Road Shows in Delhi/NCR, India. Just Call Now 9899856933.

Emergency Ambulance Services

Ambulance refers to a vehicle that is well-equipped with all the needed medical supplies which are meant to be provided to a critically injured or critically ill patient in the initial stages of treatment. But, if such a relief is not provided instantly then the aftermath of such delay will surely be life threatening. However, it is also necessary that ambulances should also be well maintained, organized, fully equipped and properly sanitized.

At this point, we take immense pleasure to announce that we are a professional emergency service provider under the brand name "Flymed Rescue Ambulance Services" and we have been serving the nation for quite a long time now. We have maintained fully equipped and hygienic road as well as air ambulances, required doctors and medical attendants. These staff and ambulances are always on alert mode so as to respond to the hour of need in quickest way possible. All our ambulances are registered and we satisfy all the guidelines and rules prescribed by the government.

Flymed Rescue has well skilled staff which is proficient in rendering range of rescue and aid services like evacuating victims from a disaster site, providing initial rescue services, transporting the trapped victims by air or road to nearby hospitals and finally we also have the necessary support and setup to carry out mild and brief medical procedure if the situation demands, inside the air or road ambulance itself.

Apart from these, God forbid but we are also carefully transferring the corpse to native places and have also been into embalming services to reduce the rate of decomposition. To avoid such dreadful circumstances, we appeal to event organizers and other corporate and government agencies, to PLEASE contact us in advance so as to minimize such untoward incidents.

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First One Stop MEDICAL Evacuation & Air Ambulance Provider in INDIA FRAS is India's foremost air ambulance and medical assistance company, providing retrieval and repatria-tions of critically ill people and injured to - and - from India and abroad. We have a reputation of providing the best air ambulance emergency assistance service in India.