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Flymed Rescue Ambulance Services

Quick, Quality And Requires Disaster Helps From The Expert Doctor With FRAS : Road Ambulance / Air Ambulance Services / Ambulance Services For Events and Road Shows in Delhi/NCR, India. Just Call Now 9899856933.

Welcome to Flymed Rescue Ambulance Service

FRAS Air Ambulance Services in INDIA

FRAS is a medically equipped ambulance service helping critically ill and injured people get transported to acclaimed hospitals around the world. We provide quick airlift as well as road ambulance services with emergency medical care and paramedics round the clock.

We are always on stand-by with the best medical specialists to help patients with intensive care at the crucial time of injuries and illnesses. The state of art medical equipments in the ambulances helps us take life saving decisions at the very stage of pickup and help in providing stability to patient’s condition.

Our ambulances meet the global standards of pre-hospitalization care whatever be the intensity of illness or suffering. Our doctors and paramedics coordinate with ground level hospital staff to ensure that every step of examination and first aid is followed in accordance with the rules and does not affect the health of a patient adversely.

Our services include

We intends to provide air ambulance services and Advanced Medical Critical Care to the patients on an Emergency basis 24x7, 365 days a year resulting from trauma, mass disasters, various advanced medical problems. SCOPE OF SERVICES FRAS OFFERS

  • Swift action to SOS signals with an ambulance on standby. Safe and sound medical evacuation from the accident premises with coordinated pickup through        air, road or rail.
  • Medical first aid and transfer to the nearest hospital of medical excellence.
  • Repatriation anywhere in India or abroad
  • Return of mortal returns or to cremation grounds
  • RMRs (Return of Mortal Remains)
  • Stratagic medical planing for the launch of national & multinational business corporates in INDIA & neighborhood.
  • Designing medical emergency support especially for accident prone sectors like mining, construction and seismographic dominant zones.
  • Creating delivery mechanisms and logistics for flood affected and other locations affected by natural disasters.

Who we are

We have earned goodwill and reputation by being the most efficient enterprise in delivering services to families and government organizations in times of distress. We meet the highest standard of safety and have ambulances equipped with the latest world class equipments. We provide pre-hospitalization care that is unmatched in the industry and have successfully brought down mortality rates with our timely support.

We have established our origins since Long and have always stood by the patients in their dire need for support. We have gained trust with years of hard work and will provide exemplary services to transport your loved ones anywhere nationally or internationally comfortably without any difficulty. We have set up communication systems that can help you reach to us directly and get quick and reliable medical help without any delay.