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Flymed Rescue Ambulance Services

Quick, Quality And Requires Disaster Helps From The Expert Doctor With FRAS : Road Ambulance / Air Ambulance Services / Ambulance Services For Events and Road Shows in Delhi/NCR, India. Just Call Now 9899856933.

Flymed Rescue Road Ambulance Services in Delhi, NCR

Road Ambulance Services, Road Ambulance in delhi/NCR

FRAS provide the ambulance, which is very essential for the betterment of paramedics and health services, so as to save life at emergency calls. The instant medical care if not done in proper time than fraction of second can change the life of the patient. In India ambulance services have taken the giant leap and hence such healer and medical supplies. Sophisticated vehicle have been endow for better emergency services in distress time. In this field our medical staff and experience doctor with the advance medical equipment feel the ultimate challenge and testing the nerve at the time of nature or artificial accident for giving the service to the patient without any wasting of time. We transport different type of patient in different ambulance depend upon the condition of the patient that is checked by our medical team.

Some Different Types of Ambulance Services are intended to help the patient in a specific situation.

ACLS : Advanced Cardiac life Support Ambulance Service

The health's carry vehicles have recently transformed due to the situation of the time. The medical wagon have life sustaining equipment, like ICU equipment, ECG monitoring intubation and ventilation which support the patient on long distance and have all other facility by which they carried out minor surgery under the guidance of professional doctor with skilled medical team at the time of situation demand.

BLS : Basic Life Support Ambulance Service

The medical vehicles which have basic facility like control the flow of blood, treatment of shock, oxygen cylinder for respiration to the patient and stretcher to carry the patient comfortably to the hospital. Our medical wagon also controlled the temperature for remedy purpose at the time of transportation and skilled medical teams which are present with the patient for stabilizes the condition at the time of transportation.

Ambulance Services for Road Shows and Events

In the events or rally many people are present for seeing the event or any rally at this time, the accident percentage goes high for controlling this type of accident the ambulance present within short distance from major event or rally to support and give medical at the quickest possible time. The ambulance's carry all the medical equipment with professional medical team to rescue these people which are present in the events.

Hearse Van / Mortuary with FRAS

The vehicle is only for transporting dead corpse in pristine condition, FRAS has been the trustworthy comrade for NGO's, Families and Government organization for helping in carry the dead-body of the patient with complete attention from the medical team to transport to the funeral at cremation ground.

Benefits from Road Ambulance in Delhi, NCR India

This include many advantages to the patient or tourist in many types. This give you the assurance in any case of medical travel. The other people consider that this is used only in emergency services in evacuation of the patient. We also give aeromedical services to the patient like respiration service and organ transplant.

In the time critical situation we have expert doctors and skilled medical staff with medical modern equipment. The medical team are active for providing the service in 24/7 days a week for the patient to serve them in any kind of medical help or in emergency.